"I had a varied career in sales management and adult education before ‘retiring’ to concentrate on writing about our life-changing travel adventures on a motorbike. Now I just play around on the computer and throw a few words together from time to time.

The truth is I found a new aspect to life as I climbed a steep learning curve through writing, marketing, blogging, tweeting, websites etc. 

Before we were born, all our attributes were set into the pattern of our character. All our potential skills and qualities were there in that cluster of unique cells, which make us what we are, or could be. We are made up of many facets, which grow and develop at different times of our life.

My ethos is that everyone should be able to release and realise their potential, in whatever way that is." 

Rosalie Marsh 2012



Life's Journey

"A rose is a beautiful flower that comes in many shapes and sizes - as do humans.

A rose begins with a small bud that over the coming months, as it is nurtured and watered, swells and grows until it unfurls its petals to lift its face to the sun. Eventually, as the petals open ever wider, the rose becomes full-blown until the petals drop to the ground and a fruit starts to grow. . .

It is the same with humans."

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