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Paperback £10.99

Image of Jacket front of Just Us Two. Ned and Rosie with their GoldWing motorbike and Andorran mountains

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Glossy Hardback £16.99

Image of jacket front Skills for Employability Part Two. Blue and green. Two trees - learning
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Image of jacket front. Release Your Potential. Orange and green Two trees -learning

Paperback £8.99

​​​​Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides

For Career, Life, and Personal Development.

life development through travel adventures  and  career enhancing activities

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Paperback £7.99

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Image of jacket front. Skills Part One. Blue and green. Two trees -learning
Image of jacket front of The Long Leg of Italy. May of Italy and three photos.
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Paperback £8.99

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Imahe of jacket front. Talking the Talk. Burgundy and green. two trees -learning.


ePub,Android, mobi (Kindle),pdf 

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ePub,Android, mobi (Kindle),pdf 

$5.99 USD 

Glossy Hardback £13.99

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Image of jacket front of Lifelong Learning. Pink and green. Two trees-learning

ePub,Android, mobi (Kindle),pdf 

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