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Lifelong Learning     

978-1-908302-04-5 (PB), 978-1-908302-26-7 (eBook).

Release Your Potential                                                   

978-1-908302-08-3 (PB), 978-1-908302-27-4 (eBook).

Skills for Employability Part One

978-1-908302-16-8 (PB), 978-1-90830228-1 (eBook).

Skills for Employability  Part Two 

978-1-908302-20-5 (PB),978-1-908302-29-8 (eBook).

Talking the Talk         

978-1-908302-35-9 (PB), 978-1-90830230-4 (eBook)

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Just Us Two 2nd Edition                

978-1-908302-12-0(PB), 978-1-908302-49-6 (HB), 978-1-90830224-3 (eBook).

Chasing Rainbows  

978-1-908302-00-7 (PB), 978-1-908302-50-2 (HB), 978-1-908302-25-0 (eBook).

The Long Leg of Italy 

978-1-908302-39-7 (PB,) 978-1-908302-51-9 (HB), 978-1-908302-44-1 (eBook).

Island Interludes 

​978-1-908302-43-4 (PB), 978-1-908302-52-6 (HB), 978-1-908302-45-8 (eBook)


978-1-908302-31-1 (PB), 978-1-908302-48-9 (HB), 978-1-908302-46-5 (eBook)


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All titles are available worldwide at local booksellers and online in print and eBook formats.

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